24 MARCH 2011

Here's something I did for the 6th floor OCAD wallspace recently.


Diana helped me to trace my image onto the wall. ♥  It took us around umm.. 6+ hours(?!) to finish tracing the whole image that day!


It took me several days to finish painting the wall.  That stupid purple paint I got was a nightmare! I had to do 3+ layers in order for it to look opaque on the wall.  (And thanks to Ko for helping me with the 2nd layer of the purple body parts.)


Hey Chubby, don't go!


So the wall illustration will stay up until late April when it will be painted over.  Please drop by and play with chubbies if you're around. Chubbies are shy but they like friends. ♥


More view from different angles..


Oh, almost forgot to mention, so the mural was (kinda) based on the thesis I've been working on.  I'm doing the final two pieces now, but I still want to redo/retouch some of the earlier pieces.  So that means no sleep for me until like...end of April!! ahhhhhhh!!!


p.s:  If you're interested in this year's OCAD Graduate Exhibition, it's from May 5th to May 8th..I think.